Albemarle 2019


We arrived the first day a little delayed but safe and went straight to CPI to meet our new families for the week. After heading to bed early, we were ready to start our first day of classes. After lots of new information and with our heads filled with new verbs, we started our first activity: cooking class. We ate and ate and with full stomachs we headed over to the next activity, dance class. Salsa and merengue were on the menu and it was hard! Good thing the air condition was on otherwise we would have collapsed.

The very next day after class was the first field trip, where we went to the Irazú volcano. As always, it was foggy and the wildlife was plentiful. Sadly, nobody was willing to sacrifice a virgin to the volcano to ensure good weather and fortune for the remainder of our trip – let's pray that we'll stay somewhat dry. The rest of the week was filled with a walking tour of San José and a visit to the La Paz waterfalls before we had a well deserved day of rest on Friday. This day was spent shopping for children's books in Spanish to help with the comprehension. We are teachers after all...

After having spent the weekend by the beach in national park Manuel Antonio, we arrived in Monteverde where our families were already waiting for us so we quickly went home and became acquainted with them and the friendly in house bugs living there as well.

The Monday was highlighted by a new day of classes and a walk on the hanging bridges of Sky Adventure. We could see all the way to San Fransisco and were lucky enough to see the green viper just chilling in the tree top.

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