Welcome to the Bancroft School Journey

Welcome to the Bancroft School Journey 


Starting from the airport. They arrived with a big smile in their faces. Waiting for the adventure to start. This group came to Costa Rica to learn spanish and also to have a good time. They are staying in the houses of the host families (mamatica and papatico). They are experiencing how ticos live their lifes, all the culture differences and traditions. The students are becoming part of their tico families, eating the food that costaricans usually consume. They have such a great energy always learning new things.

The journey started in Heredia. On the first day the students went to La Carpio. A place where they could see a different reality of how the people live in Costa Rica in one of the most marginalized zones. The students played with the kids and shared time talking and trying to know them a little bit more.

The next days they have being studying spanish and doing different activities around farms in Monteverde. These farms mostly grows coffee, sugar cane, cacao and some others vegetables. They are enjoying all this new experiences. The students learned the different process about how coffee is made, also about chocolate and all the products that costaricans create with sugar cane.

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