UNCG HHS- Semana 1

Once the group arrived at Heredia and got to know their families, they walked through San Joaquin and were able to visit the market in Heredia. They participated in community projects and the group enjoyed learning Spanish in their CPI afternoon classes.

Día 2

One of the most unforgettable experience for our group UNCG HHS was to be able to help Gail at the Humanitarian Foundation in La Carpio. On Tuesday last week they went to La Carpio for the first time in their lives and they learned how to see the world from a different perspective. They got to know Verónica and her family, and the group worked on a project to remodel the floor and to set up a bathroom for the family.


Día 3

After the hard work in La Carpio the group got a break to know more about Costa Rica and Heredia by walking through the city center, enjoying “un copo” and “un granizado”, and discovering some new fruits in the Mercado.


As a group, we went to try the real coffee in Café Britt, and they showed their interest and enthusiasm by participating as “catadores de café”.


Días 4 y 5

The UNCG HHS group did a wonderful work in La Carpio. They really helped Verónica and her family and worked hard to make the life of the people living in La Carpio better. They cleaned the streets and finish the house project in just three days! Wonderful job!

More than just the physical work, they were able to work with the children living in La Carpio reading them books and talking to them and their families about different experiences. They also learned good lessons that they will never forget.












Fin de semana

During the weekend they got some time to relax and enjoy together at La Fortuna, the group enjoyed their weekend in the hot water springs, La Fortuna Waterfall and the Sendero del Silencio.


Now they are ready to spend the next week in Monteverde and they are looking forward to meeting their new families, instructor and keeping learning in this wonderful country.




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