UNCG HHS- Semana 2

The UNCG HHS group spent their second week in Monteverde and they loved it! They just came to Monteverde to bring the nice weather back and enjoy the different activities and adventures waiting for them in this wonderful place.

Día 9- LLegada a Monteverde

After spending a wonderful weekend in La Fortuna, students were ready to meet their Familias Ticas. The papás y mamás Ticas welcomed them with big hugs and a lot of emotion. They loved their families!

Día 10- Conociendo Santa Elena

The group walked to Santa Elena for a Treasure Hunt and they were able to enjoy a nice time in the city, buy some nice souvenirs for their families, and discover new things about Costa Rica. After a nice walked through Santa Elena and Monteverde, they went to CASEM to eat a delicious lunch in La Cuchara de La Abuela and enjoy again a typical Casado.

Día 11- Reserva Santa Elena

It was time to connect with nature and to learn more about the species and the nature surrounding us. The group went to Reserva Santa Elena and they were able to see the Quetzal!! They were so lucky! A group of biologists also showed them different kind of birds and share with them their new projects. After a nice hike, students went to the tower where they enjoyed a panoramic view of the reserve and were able to see the volcano.

Día 12- Escuela y clase de cocina

On Thursday, students had the opportunity of going to a local primary school and to share some time with the students. They learned about the educational system in Costa Rica and talked to the speech-language therapist. Kids really enjoyed their company and they were able to ask and answer some questions and to play some soccer with them! Unfortunately, they lost :(  

Día 13- Life Monteverde

The group felt very excited about Life Monteverde since they heard about it and the experience was definitely not disappointing at all! They explore the “finca” and got to try the delicious food and, of course, the coffee. They did some volunteer work at the farmer by planting trees and vegetables.


Fin de semana- Aventuras

The weekend was full of adventure and adrenaline: canopy tour, waterfalls, river tubing, horse riding…

The group definitely enjoyed the weekend and the wonderful weather by taking part in some adventure activities in nature. On Friday, the had the opportunity to soar across the spectacular cloud forest in Monteverde, the views were astonishing!

On Saturday they said bye to their wonderful Familias Ticas in Monteverde with some sad faces, but ready for the adventure in Flamingo beach! On our way to Flamingo, we stopped in the waterfalls and in Hacienda Guachipelin, where we ate a delicious lunch and got some energy for the adventure! In the afternoon they learned how to ride horses and how to ride the rapids! It was such a nice afternoon for the whole group.

The group already arrived at Flamingo and is looking forward to enjoying their last days in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida UNCG

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