St. Francis School

Day 1.

Welcome to Costa Rica! After arriving in Costa Rica, the group had lunch at El Jardín Liberia. This place is well known for serving typical Costa Rican food. After that, we departed to Monteverde where the students will spend a whole week immersing themselves in the language and they will learn about the culture and have many fun activities. Before meeting the families, the group received a helpful orientation where the students learned a little about Costa Rica. Finally, each student met their new host family and spend the rest of the day with them.

Day 2 & 3.

We started our day by doing fun activities. Since we have a big group, we divided them into two smaller groups. Group 1 visited Sky Trek to do ziplining.We started riding tram up the mountain and from there we rode seven cables that go up to 328 ft in height and 2460 ft in length. This was a unique experience for the students.After a fun morning the group had lunch at Sabor Tico and the departed to school. Here at Centro Panamericano de Idiomas (CPI) the students will receive four hours of Spanish classes with a 20 minutes break in between. In other hand, group 2 had the opportunity to visit El Trapiche. Here at El Trapiche the students learned how sugar, coffee and chocolate are made in Costa Rica. This wonderful tour helps students to expend their knowledge and also learn more about the economy of Costa Rica. After the tour, the group had a delicious lunch and departed to CPI for their first Spanish class. Finally, the students had dinner with their host families. On Tuesday, group 1 visited El Trapiche and group 2 visited Sky Trek. Each group had the opportunity to visit both places in different days.

Day 4 & 5.

Another canopy day! On Wednesday group 1 visited Aventura. This wonderful place has the longest zipline in Latin America and includes 11 ziplines, 2 thrilling superman cables, where the students literally can fly over the forest, just like superman. Finally, it includes a Tarzan Swing. This was a unique experience for all the students and teachers, they really enjoyed doing canopy. In the other hand, group 2 had the amazing opportunity to visit Escuela Altos de San Luis to do volunteer work. The students from Altos de San Luis prepared some of the most typical dances from Costa Rica. While our students were appreciating the wonderful dances, they also had the opportunity to dance with local kids. In the top of that, they play games and taught English to the local students. Please visit our gallery to see all the fun activities our kids did. After a fun morning both groups returned to CPI for their daily Spanish classes. For dinner both groups assisted to Tree House Restaurant. On Thursday, group 1 visited Escuela Altos de San Luis, while group 2 visited Aventura. As always, both groups had the opportunity to do both activities, but in different days.

Day 5.

Happy Friday! Today is our last day in Monteverde. We started our day by picking up every student from their houses. It was hard to say good-bye to their host families! Once we arrived at CPI the group had a Latin cooking class where they learned how to make empanadas. Finally, they departed to Arenal. At Arenal they will have different field trips.

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