Welcome UNCG Summer 2018!

Hello once again, curious reader! cool

This week we meet one more time, as we warmly receive students of the University of North Carolina Greensboro!

For the next month we'll be traveling around our three CPI Campuses, as we become more and more fluent in Spanish and immerse ourselves into the Pura Vida Lifestyle! Our schedule is filled with exiting activities that will take us mountain hiking, zip lining, waterfall chasing, sunset watching, and city tour walking, just to mention a few! 

Up until now we've learned some of the country's history, as we walked through the crowded streets of San José. In Monteverde so far we've experienced from first hand how coffee, sugar cane and cacao are produced and commercialized in the country, as we did the Trapiche Family Tour.

Today we got a chance to visit the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, the country's only State-owned forest reserve that's administered by the School of Santa Elena. Here we learned a little bit about the cloud forest, the primary and secondary forests, and got a chance to even see a female quetzal in her nest! (AMAZING!!) 

Also in Monteverde we've started taking Spanish classes, and in less that two days some of us are already feeling pretty confident speaking the language! 

We'll keep you posted, as our adventure here continues!

Pura Vida!

- Patricia wink


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