UNCG 2018: Brief on weeks 1 & 2

Oh! let’s sit down and take a breath for a minute, because this first one-and-a-half week of UNCG in Costa Rica has been overwhelming (in the best of ways!). 

We left Monteverde on Sunday, July 8th disheartened, as we said goodbye to the families and places which we have grown so fond of. During that week in Monteverde we focused on Spanish and culture learning, as we visited Santa Elena, hiked throughout the cloud forest, did zip lining, took Latin dancing and cooking lessons, and ate amazing Costa Rican food!
On Sunday we left the mountains and drove to Cañas, where we visited the Llanos del Cortés Waterfalls. This was a very much needed change in weather, going from the cold, rainy forest, to the dry Guanacaste heat. After visiting the waterfalls, where we soaked in refreshing clear waters, we headed to Tamarindo, a very touristy but charming little town off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. In Tama - as the locals call it - we took our first dip in the ocean and were amazed by the beauty of the Costa Rican beaches! Then, as night howled in, we drove to El Llano, a small village about 15 minutes from CPI Flamingo, where we met our second host families!
So far this week here in Guanacaste has been “wanderous”, as our UNCG Profesor Liliana described it. Apart from the blood-thirsty mosquitoes that threatened to drive us crazy, and the heat that makes us dizzy at times, our stay with the families has been delightful, the food pretty tasty, the classes amazing and the beach breathtaking! 
Today (Wednesday),  we are getting ready to hop on the snorkel cruise for a lovely afternoon sailing, swimming and soaking in Pacific waters!
For the rest of our stay here in Guanacaste our schedule is filled with volunteer work, Spanish classes and some beach time! 
I’ll keep you posted as our daily adventure continues! 
Pura Vida!

- Patricia :)  

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