Francis Parker Middle School in CR 2019

We invite you to become part of this amazing adventure that Francis Parkers students are starting in Costa Rica. It´s going to be a week full of adventure, learning, friendship and self-growth.

Day 1. The group landed in Liberia airport, right away we got into our big bus and drove to Flamingo beach were we stayed at Casa del Toro, where the adventures starts.

Day 2. The students got to enjoyed their first Costarican meal. We had a free morning on which we enjoyed of friend time on the pool, before we headed to the awesome experience of a Catamaran ship. On the boat the students got the chance to swim, snorkel and great food.

Day 3. One of the longest days of the trip. We got up early morning enjoyed our breakfast and had the chance to visit Playa Conchal, right after this got to our hotel check-out and got on the bus on our way to Monteverde, in the road we stop in Santa Cruz, la ciudad de Folclor Costarricense, here we got to know the town and asked locals about their community, after this got back on the bus for another 3 and half hour ride to the Mountain (Monteverde). Once in Monteverde we got oriented on what was going to be the rest of our week and got to know our host families.

Day 4.Starting the spanish class day, the kids were divided in small groups of 3-4 people to have a personal experience learning spanish  and learning about the culture of Costa Rica. The next days, there will be classes in the morning and will be divided in 2 groups(Pura Vida & Tuanis) for the afternoon activities.

                Pura Vida Group: We had a delicious arroz con pollo in Sabor Tico followed by the most adventurous experience for many of the kids. Zip lining through 7 cables in the Cloud Forest and a vertigo jump that had everyone with an adrenaline rush.

                Tuanis Group: We had the experience to visit a sustainability farm called Life Monteverde. Where we had and amazing lunch made with different ingredients grown in the farm. As well got the chance to know part of their project and what they do. We walk through a Cafetal and saw the difference between healthy coffee plants and sick ones. Right after we started helping them in the farm, watering trees/plants and working with compost.

Day 5.

                Pura Vida Group: Our afternoon started with a homemade lunch from El Trapiche Tour, we then were divided in 2 groups to learn about 3 important processes of 3 products that are planted in Costa Rica. We learned about sugarcane and its properties and ways of processing the sugar, cacao beans and how to end with a delicious chocolate and  coffee beans; its importance for Costa Rica and how to get from the bean to the cup of coffee.

                Tuanis Group: Our afternoon started with another great lunch made in Life Monteverde, right after we split into 2 groups and flowed-up with the work we started doing the day before.


Stay in touch for further details of our next days in Costa Rica! 

-Leslie C & Fabiola F 

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