Welcome Queen's College 2019!

Welcome Queen's College 2019!

The heat wave of Easter Break just arrived, and with it came our friends from Queen’s College! 🇧🇸

Flying in directly from the warm tropics of the Bahamas 🇧🇸 , this group of high school students has joined us to spend a week learning Spanish in Heredia and exploring the cultural and natural sites our beloved Costa Rica has to offer! 🇨🇷 

So far, our students have indulged themselves with local foods and fruits from the farmer’s market and from Heredia’s central market, have drunk quality coffee at Britt Coffee Tour ☕️ and have spotted 🐒 , toucans, butterflies🦋 and waterfalls at La Paz Waterfalls Gardens! 

Yet, these first days of adventure couldn’t be complete without a visit to the local mall and a ride in the public bus 🚌 , just like the locals do!

Apart from all these exciting new adventures, they have walked (A LOT!) and started Spanish classes with their professors! 📚

Many say that so far it’s been a wild ride and that the classes are fun and the food good! 😊 

So for you that reads us, stay tuned, because more of this adventure is to be recorded!

Pura Vida!

Patricia 💃🏾



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