ASU at Life Monteverde

On Friday the students of ASU visited Life Monteverde. Here they learned about the intricacies underlying the concept of ‘sustainability’ in the 21st century. They were introduced to the environmental, social, and economic factors that today demand that we approach all areas of life with a sustainable mindset. The staff of Life Monteverde first demonstrated the already visible challenges facing Costa Rica’s environment and agricultural sector as a result of climate change and then provided the students with the opportunity to make their own small contribution towards guarding the wellbeing of Costa Rica’s lands and people. This took the form of the students planting trees in an effort to restore a segment of forest that was once cut down in order to provide grazing territory for dairy cows. At the end of the day, having expended their physical and mental reserves, ASU’s finest were treated to a coffee tasting of brews prepared from some of Life Monteverde’s own coffee crop!