Obviously, I think the CPI program has so many great things to offer teachers and their students but one thing really attractive to teachers is the one-stop-shopping. The fact that a school can pay for everything in one payment, prior to the trip, really makes it a lot easier.  (Other types of programs) can be a wonderful experience but we decided not to go this route because, in most cases, the teacher is stuck with 'creating' all of the excursions and activities and paying for everything gets to be a real headache.  It's really convenient that CPI takes care of everything AND that it's totally customizable. I could go on but you get the idea!


Terri – Upper Moreland

“We do appreciate what you and CPI do every year to make our stay perfect. You guys truly run a fantastic language school!”

Claudia Polo Vance, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Foreign Languages, University of North Alabama


CPI has always shown tremendous professionalism, cooperation and flexibility. My institution can count on CPI to provide high quality services and experiences for our students. The schools are gorgeous and the homestays offer our students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live with Costa Rican people and experience the culture first-hand. These are only a few of the many reasons why Arkansas State has partnered with CPI for 12 years (and counting!)


Dr. Ruth Owens, Arkansas State University


"Students from Indian River State College have been participating in CPI programs since 2007. Over the years they have benefited enormously from the comprehensive educational experience offered by the school, its instructors, its guides, and the families who have welcomed our students into their homes. The complete immersion into Costa Rican culture and language has opened the eyes of our students to ways of life that they may not have otherwise encountered in their hometowns. During each visit to Costa Rica our students have participated in Service Learning projects through CPI in the La Carpio neighborhood where they worked with children and families in need. For us, this combination of language learning alongside service learning makes this program particularly appealing. We are convinced that our students have come away with a new set of tools to navigate an increasingly interconnected and complex world. Thanks to all of the staff at CPI for making this such a memorable experience. Pura Vida!!!"

Pof. Lori Fry, Indian River State College

Dr. Brian Freeman, Indian River State College

Where do I begin when talking about CPI and what they do for us and, especially, our students?  The better question could be, what do they not do? They do everything!  We have been sending students to Costa Rica with CPI since 1999 and I can say that CPI is our flagship program for sending students abroad to study Spanish.  CPI’s attention to host family placement, excellent language instruction methods and practices, combined with educational, adventurous, thoughtful and impactful activities offer an educationally sound and well-rounded experience. CPI’s tailor made programs have offered me the flexibility of asking for suggestions when in the planning stages for a group trip, sharing my input and desires, sitting back and almost like magic, waiting for a solution to be presented. Without a doubt it is always something that is far better than I could have even imagined doing on my own – and it is always hassle-free. I really appreciate the on-the-ground support CPI offers by providing a group assistant and other support staff that help make the experience virtually worry-free so I can concentrate on creating more learning experiences for our students.  The students see this support as well and it puts them at ease knowing they are in good hands. Thanks CPI and keep up the excellent work!

Pof. Jeff Longwell, New Mexico State University

I call the CPI Spanish program “the natural way” to learn the language. My students call it “the most exhilarating experience!” CPI is truly the total package. The time students spend in class with excellent teachers focusing on problematic aspects of the language is very valuable. Then, there is the time with the well selected families where the student gets to practice speaking Spanish in a natural setting and -at the same time- learning the culture from within, priceless!  After taking students to CPI on several occasions I think I have found the perfect combination, dividing the time between the Monteverde campus and the Heredia campus. Each one offers sights unique to Costa Rica. Participants get to see the wonders of the rain forest as well as explore the life of a big city. I enjoy watching students discover these new places and bond with new friends and families. CPI, in my opinion, offers a well thought out program. Their facilities are superb and their staff well trained; having a person assigned to each group makes things run very smooth. I highly recommend CPI to any individual or group seeking to get the total experience, not just a “peek” into the language and culture of this unique and beautiful Spanish speaking country.

Isabel Bacon
Asst. Professor of Spanish
Director of Foreign Languages Teaching Assistants
University of Arkansas-Monticello

I can’t thank you enough for all that you do to make the Missouri State University teacher education study away program such an awesome experience. Thank you to the CPI administrative and other staff, our hand-picked guides and chaperones and even our bus drivers for all they do to promote cultural knowledge and understanding in my students. Your attention to detail and personal concern for the success of each experience assures that every home stay, school visit, sight-seeing excursion and encounter with Costa Rican culture comes together to create a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for professional learning and personal growth.  My students consistently say this trip “changed their life” and “the way they work with English learners in their classrooms” and “it’s fun!”.

Thank you for being a partner in the education of our teacher candidates.   


Dr. Roberta Aram & Dr. Vickie Haynes, Missouri State University