Welcome Rollins College 2018!

Well hello there, curious reader!

Thanks for taking the time to read me!

I’m pretty exited to report on the adventures of this awesome group as they go through their journey here in Costa Rica!

Over the course of these past two days we have already done and learned so much together!

So let’s take a glimpse of how these fist days have gone by! :) 


As soon as the group arrived to the rich coast, they had their first taste of Costa Rican food and got a chance to walk around San Joaquín de Flores, the historical little town were we will be spending our first week of stay in Costa Rica. After that, we visited the Spanish School and got a chance to introduce ourselves and to talk a little bit about our expectations on this trip and what we’ll be seeing and doing. We then checked in at the hotel in San José, were we had a good talk with Doña Cecilia on academics, eat a delicious dinner and called it a day!

On Day 2 we got and early start and got a chance to go to Sunday mass at a Catholic Church in San José, giving us the opportunity to understand from first hand the deep influence of the Church and the weight of the faith among the Costa Rican people and their culture. After that, we walked towards a farmer’s marked, visited the Museo Nacional (National Museum) and got a chance to appreciate the old buildings in San José and its magical parks, that make up so much the daily life here in Tiquicia. During the afternoon we met with our familia tica (Costa Rican family) and headed to our new homes for the week!


 For tomorrow and the next few days in the Central Valley we have a busy schedule, but I will make sure to keep you posted!

 Have a good one!

Pura Vida,

Patricia :)