Windham 2022

Very excited and eager to learn, we welcome the Windham High School group that will accompany us for two weeks at the Flamingo and Monteverde campuses. They will have a few weeks full of adventure and experiences in which they will enjoy our beautiful beaches and natural riches! On this day right after their arrival they had a delicious lunch and later we continued our way to Flamingo where the Costa Rican families are waiting for their arrival.  


Today is the first day of classes for the Windham students! On this day the students got an orientation about Costa Rican families, culture and food, afterwards they headed to their classes for the morning, then a delicious lunch and spent the whole afternoon enjoying the flamingo beach in the rain.  


This day the students will have the opportunity to help the town of Lorena to improve their conditions with the NGO Siempre Amigos, finishing their classes and after lunch at Soda Guanacaste we headed to Lorena where the kids helped to sand and paint the school Pupitres, as well as to improve the conditions of the soccer field, field where the students played soccer with the children of the town. On Thursday we will be back to help with more work!! 



A bright and rainless day to enjoy after a delicious lunch and go enjoy Conchal beach! The students after class headed out to get ready to go to one of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste, there they spent the whole day until sunset! Tomorrow will be a hard day of volunteering; they can't wait for tomorrow!   


Last day of volunteering with Siempre Amigos NGO, the students very excited to support the development of a better and beautiful Lorena are going to collaborate with the planting of some palm trees around the soccer field, they also helped preparing the community hall to be painted. 


It's Friday and it's the last day of Windham High School Spanish classes at CPI Flamingo. This day the students enjoyed their afternoon on the catamaran on Flamingo Beach and the guys also had the opportunity to see dolphins. 

On Saturday the students had free time at Tamarindo beach where they had surfing lessons and a wonderful lunch of hamburgers, afterwards they spent some time shopping and sightseeing in Tamarindo. 



This is the last day in Flamingo, with the bags packed and ready to meet Monteverde the students were waiting for their transportation to Monteverde, but before going to Monteverde they first visited Hacienda El Viejo located in Filadelfia. A boat tour on the Tempisque River where they could see crocodiles, monkeys, lizards and discover much more about our natural wealth, then lunch and transportation continued to Monteverde!!

We arrived to Monteverde, one more week of learning and enjoying our cloud forest, this day the students arrive to Monteverde where they are welcomed by CPI Monteverde with a talk followed by meeting their Costa Rican families. See you tomorrow in class!!!

It's the first day of school at CPI Monteverde, very exciting students are heading to their classes, and today is cooking class!!! Besides, the students learned how to cook rice with chicken and make tortillas! 


Today was a day for a walk in the forest! They had the joy of seeing different animals, interesting birds, trees and flowers during their walk through the forest!

It is enjoyable and helpful as well. This day the kids went volunteering where they learned a lot about the coffee that is grown in Monteverde, then they helped in different jobs like removing weeds from the coffee plants, followed by a delicious lunch on site!
Tomorrow will be coffee, chocolate and sugar cane tour day!

On the tour to Trapiche the students learned about the deeper processes and how coffee, chocolate and sugar cane are brought to the people's table to be eaten, it was a day of much learning! 

 It's almost the end of the tour, on Friday the kids went for a walk to the Waterfalls tiger, no doubt a tiring activity but very rewarding and fun, lunch was served on site and it was delicious. 

Saturday was canopy tour day, it was one of the most enjoyed by Windham students.  Tomorrow they leave for La Fortuna, where they will visit the Arenal Volcano and have a relaxing afternoon at the Baldi Hot Springs!!!!  



We say goodbye to the Windham High School group, it was a pleasure to have you in our country, and we hope to have you here again!!