ASU 2022

     Sunday May 29, we welcome the group from Arkansas State University ASU 2022, a group that will be with us for 4 weeks, in Heredia and Monteverde campuses, besides Spanish classes, they will do volunteer work and different activities throughout their stay in Costa Rica.  


    On Monday the students arrived from their Costa Rican families with a lot of enthusiasm for their first day of classes at CPI Heredia, then they began their classes!
During the afternoon they took an activity that was Latin cooking class, in order for the group to learn about the delicious Costa Rican cuisine, at the end of their cooking classes the students were taken to Heredia center for a tour and to explore our culture, as well as our colonial architecture.


  Tuesday 31st and Wednesday 1st, the students are adapting more to the environment, culture and family of CPI, getting more confidence and feeling more familiar with the teachers. They are enjoying the classes, are more active and participative in them.


    On Thursday the students began their morning with classes, at noon, they leave the CPI Heredia to the capital of our country for a tour, enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant Las Mañanitas, ending with lunch they take a tour of our capital San Jose, know the museum of jade and pre-Columbian culture being this a historical, cultural and archaeological museum located in the central valley.

      On Friday  with their suitcases ready, the students arrived to spend the weekend in Manuel Antonio! During the morning and until noon they received classes, at the end of their study day, they left for Manuel Antonio.  During their trip they made a stop at the restaurant Jardin de Orotina, besides had the opportunity to see crocodiles in the Tárcoles River.  


    Saturday June 4, before leaving, the students enjoyed a delicious and abundant breakfast at the Mimos Hotel, then they headed to Manuel Antonio National Park where they spent all morning and part of the afternoon doing activities such as hiking, sunbathing and swimming, at the end of the day the students enjoyed a delicious dinner at Raphael Terraza!


     Sunday June 5th, right after breakfast the students went to Manuel Antonio beach to enjoy their last hours there, at noon the students headed to Heredia, where their Tico families are waiting for their arrival! 

     Monday June 6th, the students are back in class! A little tired and burned out from their weekend at the beach, but very excited to continue their learning at CPI Heredia. They enjoy their afternoon playing basketball! 


     On Tuesday, the students arrived as usual to their classes, however that day they had a volunteer tour in charge of the organization Somos Picnic, the students helped to beautify the Institution and they also had a moment to share experiences and interesting facts about their country with the children of the school Licenciado Daniel Oduber Quiroz in Pavas, San José. 


     Wednesday, June 8, students headed to campus for their classes and at the end of classes the students got the afternoon off so some of them stay on campus to do their homework..  


     Thursday June 9th, that day was full of energetic activities for the students, after their classes the students were invited to a soccer game organized by the CPI Heredia, also the ASU students had the Latin dance class at the CPI which they enjoyed and learned some Latin steps!


     Friday June 10th last classes and last day with their Costa Rican families in Heredia, ASU students are getting ready to enjoy their weekend in La Fortuna. They are very excited for their last weeks in Monteverde!!


     Saturday June 11 the Costa Rican families transfer the students to their meeting point where they will leave for their free weekend in Arenal, the students during their route tasted a delicious lunch and when they arrived to La Fortuna they made a stop in the artisan village of Sarchi. Also, they had the opportunity to paint in that place, finally, the students went to relax and have fun in the hot springs of Baldi!


     Sunday, June 12th
After a long day of activities and travel, the students finally arrive at their destination, Monteverde. With thick clouds and rain, Monteverde welcomes the students.
CPI Monteverde awaits them tomorrow for two more weeks of classes and activities!


     Monday, June 13th
It's the first day of school in Monteverde!
The students are heading to their classes very excited to get to know and continue learning in Monteverde while enjoying its beautiful and extravagant nature.
On this day the students had cooking classes where they had the opportunity to cook their lunch themselves.


     Tuesday June 14th
On this day ASU students had the activity trapiche tour, where they learned about the different processes of sugar cane, coffee and chocolate that is produced in the area!