Vail Mountain School´s New Adventure - Costa Rica 2020

This adventure began once the group landed in the Juan Santamaria airport, the largest and most important airport in Costa Rica. Fortunately most of the group members arrived on time, except for 2 people who couldn’t make it because of the hard weather conditions in Colorado. Despite the delay the last two joined the group the very next day. After the airport we headed to San Joaquin, Heredia. We went directly to a bank to exchange some money and then to “Cosechas” to enjoy a natural mix juice to taste the amazing flavors, and tropical fruits that you can find in CR. To finish the first day we went to the CPI School to have our orientation about the important things that the group needed to know about this beautiful country. As we always say, things in CR are not worse or better only different.

TAMU Aggies in Monteverde

Welcome to TAMU Aggies' first week in Monteverde with CPI!

Please go ahead and read a few of our adventures:

Day 1: TAMY Aggies received the host families with excitement and ready to immerse themselves in Costa Rica culture. After meeting their mama tica or papa tico they headed to their homestays where the adventure began.

Ivy Academy Chattanooga

Day 1 & 2.

After arriving in San Jose, the group departed to Manuel Antonio where they spent the weekend. During their time in this beautiful town the group visited the beach, hiked and enjoyed the pools at the hotel.

Windham High School 2019

Bienvenidos al viaje de Windham High School 2019


Llegaron el día domingo por la tarde al aeropuerto Daniel Oduber localizado al noroeste de Costa Rica. Un día soleado y caliente como lo es de costumbre en la provincia de Guanacaste. Los chicos y chicas tenían hambre después de haber volado desde el estado de Maine en los Estados Unidos. Por esa razón, la primer parada que hicimos fue en un famoso restaurante para probar un almuerzo típico. Después tuvimos una caminata por la ciudad de Liberia, un poco de historia y cultura de Costa Rica antes de que ellos conozcan a sus nuevas familia "ticas". Cuando llegamos al pueblito de Potrero los estudiantes tomaron cada uno su camino para ir a cenar y pasar la primera noche en sus casas.

Albemarle 2019


We arrived the first day a little delayed but safe and went straight to CPI to meet our new families for the week. After heading to bed early, we were ready to start our first day of classes. After lots of new information and with our heads filled with new verbs, we started our first activity: cooking class. We ate and ate and with full stomachs we headed over to the next activity, dance class. Salsa and merengue were on the menu and it was hard! Good thing the air condition was on otherwise we would have collapsed.