NMSU Global Citizens Program 2023

Day 2: Saturday, August 5th

After a safe flight and a well deserved nap at a local accommodation the NMSU Students started their adventure in Heredia where they visited the local farmers market and the Mercado Central. After the City Tour they traveled all the way from the Central Valley to the Monteverde Cloud Forest to meet their new host families for this exciting week learning spanish at CPI Monteverde. 

Day 3: Sunday, August 6th

After a typical breakfast at their host families houses the NMSU Students went to a 3 hours guided hike at the Reserva Bosque Nuboso Santa Elena. Continuing with the weekend activities they went to explore the Santa Elena Downtown and walked to CPI Monteverde to receive a Latin Cooking Class and a Latin Dance Class.


Day 4: Monday, August 7th  

Now the fun begins! And the NMSU Students went to LIFE Monteverde to learn more about the coffee and it's process before starting the on-site volunteering program, after a delicious lunch at Life, the students came to CPI Monteverde to start with their spanish classes.

Day 5:  Tuesday, August 8th  

The NMSU Students woke up early in the morning and went to Turín where they continued their volunteering program with LIFE Monteverde. This time helping in one of the many farms that LIFE Monteverde owns. After volunteering they had some lunch and headed to CPI to continue with their spanish lessons.

Day 6: Wednesday, August 9th 

After helping their friends from LIFE Monteverde for this past 3 days the NMSU Students came to an end and enjoyed some of the delicious coffee produced by Café de Monteverde in their farms. As usual they went to CPI and continued their on-site spanish classes.

Day 7: Thursday, August 10th

The NMSU Students went to an exciting zip line adventure at the 100% Aventura Adventure Park in Monteverde and also explored the Hummingbird Gallery before finishing their spanish program at CPI Monteverde.


University of Bahamas 2023

Day 1: June 19, 2023.

Let's the adventure begins! Today our students enjoyed a cooking class, where they prepered a delicious arroz con pollo, after this, they walked around San Joaquin de Flores town, here they recognized the principal reference points. It was very nice afternoon.

Day 2: June 20, 2023

Today our students walked to take the bus to Heredia,right after class. They had a typical casado at the Central Market. This is something really cultural, since the students lived a local experience. They shared with some costarricans and also tasted different fruits and drinks. We talked about different historical, social and political data of "La Ciudad de la Flores".


Good Shepherd 2023

Day 1: June 4th, 2023

The students arrived in the country, very happy and excited, with a suitcase full of energy and good mood. They were greeted by a hot and humid climate typical of our rainy season. Then we went to drop them off at their homes with their host families. Let the adventure begin!


Mocha Travel 2023

Mocha Travel 2023 Highlights 

Day 2: (Monday, June 5th)

The Mocha Travel team went early in the morning to CPI Flamingo, to start their exciting spanish immersion adventure, after classes they set out to prepare a delicious arroz con pollo for lunch.

Arkansas State University 2023

Lunes 29 de mayo, le damos la mas cordial bienvenida al grupo de Arkansas State University, a cargo del profesor Gabriel, nos estarán acompañando en nuestros campus de Heredia y Monteverde, adicional a unos tours que les iremos contando durante el tiempo de su estadía… Por hoy a descansar con sus nuevas familias en Heredia, luego de un largo qtdía de viaje!